Garlic Pepper Prawns or Calamari $10.95
- Pan fried prawns or calamari with garlic and pepper.
Kung Phrik Khing $10.95
- Sauteed prawns with green beans and chili paste.
Eggplant Prawns $10.95
- Prawns sautéed with eggplant, chili, onions, sweet basil and garlic.
Spicy Prawns or Calamari $10.95
- Prawns or calamari sautéed with hot chili, onions and sweet basil.
Spicy Fish $10.95
- Deep fried fish sautéed with hot chili, chili paste and sweet basil.
Prawns Curry $10.95
- Prawns with chili paste, coconut milk, sweet basil and bamboo shoots. (Choice of red, green or yellow curry)
Prawns or Fish Praram $10.95
- Prawns or fish in peanut sauce and coconut milk, served over spinach.
Sweet and Sour Prawns or Fish $10.95
- Sauteed prawns or fish with fresh cucumber, onions and pineapple; cooked in sweet and sour sauce.
Cashew Nut Prawns $10.95
- Sauteed prawns with crispy chili, onions and cashew nuts.
Black Bean Sauce Prawns or Fish $10.95
- Sauteed prawns or fish with fresh ginger, onions and black bean sauce.
Silver Noodle Prawns $10.95
- Pan fried prawns sautéed with egg, onions and silver noodle.
Pineapple Fried Rice $10.95
- Pan fried rice with prawns. Chinese sausage, cashew nut, dry pork and pineapple.