Vegetable Praram $9.95
- Vegetables with tofu, peanut, sauce and coconut milk.
Vegetable Curry $9.95
- Choice of red, green or yellow curry with tofu and Vegetables.
Vegetable Panang $9.95
- Dry red curry with coconut milk, peanut sauce, chili paste, sweet basil, vegetables and tofu
Silver Noodle with Vegetables $9.95
- Pan fried silver noodle with Vegetables, egg and tofu.
Vegetarian Pad Thai $9.95
- Pan fried rich stick noodles with tofu, Vegetables, green onions, egg and ground peanuts ; served with fresh bean sprouts.
Vegetarian Fried Rice $9.95
- Pan fried rice with onions, tomato, egg, green onion, Vegetables and tofu.
Vegetarian Pineapple Fried Rice $9.95
- Pan fried rice with Vegetables, tofu, cashew nuts and fresh pineapple.
Tofu Phrik Khing $9.95
- Sauteed tofu with green beans and chili paste.
Ginger Tofu $9.95
- Sauteed tofu with fresh ginger and onions.
Cashew Nut tofu $9.95
- Sauteed tofu with cashew nuts, crispy chili and onions.
Sweet and Sour Tofu $9.95
- Sauteed tofu with fresh cucumber, onions, pineapple and sweet and sour sauce
Mixed Vegetables $9.95
- Sauteed mixed vegetables in season and tofu.
Eggplant Vegetable $9.95
- Sauteed eggplant with tofu, hot chili, onions and sweet basil.
Ploy Vegetable $9.95
- Sauteed tofu, mushroom, baby corn, onions and special sauce.
Spicy Tofu Combination $9.95
- Sauteed tofu with fresh chili, baby corn, bamboo shoots, onions and sweet basil